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IDKU June 2022 - Disaster Knowledge Management in Indonesia


Indonesia Disaster Knowledge Update (IDKU) is one of the primary efforts of CARI! to contribute to knowledge management in Indonesia. To celebrate one year of IDKU's release, this month CARI! looks at disaster-related Knowledge Management (KM) research. In this edition, we will discuss the development of KM related to disasters in Indonesia. It includes all articles about KM research applied in disaster contexts. Moreover, we conducted an analysis based on four principle elements used by researchers in defining knowledge management practices. Scientific knowledge is a fundamental asset in the effort to advance disaster management toward resilience, and, in the process, is changing the role of science in reducing disaster risks and disaster resilience from a strategic level (policy-making) to the practical level. Knowledge creation and management create an enabling environment for empirical and evidence-based problem-solving and decision-making, thus increasing capacity toward stronger disaster resilience. Knowledge Management (KM) is a management function aimed at formulating, implementing, and evaluating strategies that guarantee the process of disseminating the appropriate knowledge and format to the right individuals at the correct place and time

Knowlede Management, Disaster Management