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IDKU June 2023 - Forecast-based Early Action

In this June 2023 edition of IDKU, CARI! conducted a structured literature review of scientific publications that are potentially relevant for Forecast-based Early Action (FbEA) in Indonesia. Here, CARI! argues that the complete body of knowledge of FbEA with empirical evidence from Indonesian cases is still growing. Hence, a different approach is needed through a review of research articles that corresponds to various components or elements of a FbEA. To demonstrate, this IDKU looks at 3 case studies of at-risk areas with various major hazards. They are cities/districts along Bengawan Solo Watershed (flood risk), Mount Merapi (volcanic eruption), and East Nusa Tenggara-NTT (tropical storms).

forecast-based early action, anticipatory action, fbea, early action